Each school district in New York State is required to have a Committee on Special Education to review students who are experiencing unusual academic difficulties which may be due to a disability. To assist students experiencing unusual academic problems special education programs are committed to providing intensive support. If students or parents feel additional help is needed due to a disability, students or parents may request that the Committee on Special Education (CSE) conduct a multidisciplinary evaluation to determine if special education is appropriate. Students with disabilities may be provided with program and testing modifications, teaching strategies and methods to address their learning needs. Individualized plans are developed to address each student’s area of disability.
The following options represent a continuum of special education services as determined by the CSE, based on student need. Special Education instruction is provided in a variety of settings, including general education classes, and small class environments.

The Consultant Teacher model is designed to help individual students with learning disabilities achieve success in a Regents driven curriculum. Students receive support based on their Individual Education Plan (IEP). Students may receive direct or indirect services provided by a certified special education teacher. (Available to students based on CSE recommendation)

The Study Skills Program is a resource room for students with educationally related disabilities. Supplemental instruction is provided to augment the primary instruction students receive in their regular education classes. Students recommended for Study Skills will use the block for guided practice, and grade specific lessons, as well as receive individual support. Students with academic difficulties related to 13 organizational or time management skills will find the support they need to remain organized and up to date. Students are given the opportunity to earn ½ credit per year and a total of 2 credits over 4 years. (Available to students based on CSE recommendation)

The Individual Learning Program services students who demonstrate an educationally related disability. The Individual Learning Program is direct instruction, in a small group setting, in core subjects, provided by a highly qualified special education teacher, and parallels the regent’s level curriculum. (Available to students based on CSE recommendation)

Applied Skills is a program that offers a course of study that parallels the regular education curricula. Students in this program also work to develop important life skills. A major component of the Applied Skills program is vocational training. For this component, resources are utilized within the school district, the Questar III VOTEC program, and the surrounding community. Academic and vocational skills are blended together to allow students to apply the skills they learn to daily life. (Available to students based on CSE recommendation)

Functional Skills is a program designed to meet the needs of multiply disabled students who are preparing for the adult work world. Included in the program are daily living skills, prevocational activities, and community integration. Graduates earn an IEP diploma. (Available to students based on CSE recommendation)

Bridges is intensive individual programming based on individual student need. (Available to students based on CSE recommendation)