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District Mission, Vision, and Goals


To meet the needs of and create opportunities for every student every day.



To create passionate learners who contribute positively to their community and the world.



Goal # 1: Students will graduate college and career ready

Goal # 2 Students will productively engage in their school community

Goal # 3: Students will be digitally fluent by demonstrating the ability to live productively and safely in a technology-influenced society

District-Wide Technology Goals


The district will provide opportunities for multiple learning pathways for all students and staff, capitalizing on our 1:1 and wireless environments.

The district will provide ongoing and sustained,synchronous and asynchronous, professional learning for all employees to promote future ready teaching and learning.

Through targeted, professional learning, teachers will lead dynamic learning, fostering collaboration, creativity and future ready student learning, in all newly transformed learning spaces.

Through the use of the district’s 1:1 program, teachers will embed the New York State Computer Science and Digital Fluency standards in all K-12 content area classrooms beginning in September 2024.