Each month teachers at Algonquin Middle School recognize students who demonstrate outstanding citizenship and work habits.

Students are selected for these honors based on the Algonquin “Warrior Way,” a set of three guiding principles that focus on respect for self and others, putting forth personal best effort in all activities and working to make our school and community a better place each day.

Congratulations go out to the students listed below for their outstanding contributions to the Algonquin Middle School community during the month of December:

Grade 6 Warrior Way Students:
Ellen Antolick
Brennan Blais
Ava Dahl
Amelia Hein
Gavin Herald
Tessa Keeler
Rhett Kiehl
Tessa Lindheimer
Aeva Nixt McClave
Connor McCullen

Grade 7 Warrior Way Students:
Nathan Angrisano
Tannis Bonesteel
Catherine Hughes
Blake Kilgallon
Glendora Kilmer
Jasmine Scribner

Grade 8 Warrior Way Students:
Zareena Ansari
Laney Brown
Barry Catlin III
Julia Pollock
Ethan Ruppe
Margaret Scannell